Meet Ann

Ann Barton MA, CTACC

Ann Barton MA, CTACC

I am a counselor, life coach and spiritual adviser with a

private practice in Ashland, Oregon.


Life is a journey — a journey home to our deepest sense of self.

When we are in the midst of a transition we are in the gateway, leaving behind what no longer serves us and entering new possibilities. A chance to find out who we truly are.

I can support you in unfolding and expressing the life you are meant to live — a life of love, fulfillment and happiness. As we move through this journey together, you will find your own inner wisdom, and learn to trust yourself to make decisions that enhance your life.

Whether you are struggling within yourself or your relationship, I work to support you in creating a life more aligned with who you truly are. We all understand this intellectually – but I use tools that actually change behavior and open new potential for happiness and personal power.

You may be struggling with any one of these challenges:

  • Divorce
  • Relationship changes
  • Empty nest
  • Loss
  • Career change
  • Sense of purpose

And the complicated feelings we grapple with during these times of major life transition–

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Despair
  • Guilt
  • Confusion

Freedom is loving and accepting all of who we are, our feelings, our experiences and learning to laugh about our humanity. We are all in this human soup together and research shows that we are more successful in our relationships and our lives when we have support and guidance. When we are conscious of our patterns and habits, then and only then can we  change them.

I always admire my clients’ courage in taking on the deep work of bringing to consciousness the painful places in their psyches. You too will get results as you become increasingly honest with YOU.

We are all beautiful, even in those places that scare us.

My Approach

I use an eclectic approach. I tell my clients that we are all on a journey to self discovery. I am as well, I just happen to have a back pack filled with tools and wisdom to help you on your path.

You get to tell me your story, your feelings and thoughts. You will then have the opportunity to dive into your inner world and most importantly your inner wisdom. I use Jungs Active Imagination, sensing into your body and allowing what is there to surface. I use the practice of presence mixed with cognitive behavior therapy. I may also use gestalt and voice dialogue to help you understand the voices we all have in our heads, especially the inner critic, that negative voice that so often makes us feel miserable about our selves and often keeps us paralyzed.

The inner critic work is often the essential aspect of my work. This negative self hating voice can be the core of feelings like depression, anxiety, addictions and even relationship problems. We can change these negative habits with the commitment to practice the tools you will experience.

Put simply, these self discovery practices are to increase our feelings of self love, happiness and compassion.


I’ve worked in this field for over 25 years. I have facilitated groups on eating disorders, sexual identity, women in transition, the inner critic, environmental education, parenting teens and general teen issues. 

I earned a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University. I trained in Gestalt Therapy with the famed Will Schutz, author of “Joy,” Brad Blanton, author of “Radical Honesty” and William Glasser, creator of Reality Therapy, a here and now approach to change.

I have studied, Ekhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, Louise Hayes, Law of Attraction and many more spiritual and psychological works.

I have two grown children, a boy and a girl, of whom I am very proud and so grateful I have been honored to have them in my life. Being their mother has been the most powerful teaching I have been blessed with.

I am also a certified Life Coach from Coach Training Alliance.

What People Say About Me

“Ann helps with life’s deepest transitions: relationship issues, divorce, loss, empty nest, couples work, relationship healing, depression, anxiety, career change and many others. She is a warm, caring and good-hearted person who meshes psychology with the spiritual life. She approaches her work with presence, honesty and the ability to work through shadow to the light that is the soul of all of us. “ – L. M.

“I came to Ann shortly after my marriage ended. And even though I initially went to her to deal with the misery of divorce, she ultimately became a wonderfully compassionate guide to a search for and finding of ME. I am incredibly grateful for her intelligence, kindness, and wit. I had set my lowered sights on being okay again and she instead helped me find a continuous sense of peace and happiness.” – M. B.

“Ann has helped me reveal and heal my deepest wounds, from childhood to now. We have worked with many different personal and spiritual processes that have helped me understand and see the parts of myself that I have control over and can use in positive and constructive ways. She brings strength, love and a deep wisdom to her practice. I am in loving gratitude for the work she does.” – R. S.

“I would like to recommend to you a brilliant, experienced, highly intuitive and helpful counselor and life coach, Ann Barton. I have known and worked with Ann many years and found her a wonderful guide, with skilled insight, not just for understanding the issues we all struggle with, but also for opening doors to new directions, behaviors, visions – and more functional ways of living.” – S.T.


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